At the March, 2022, ARTS meeting, several ham's joined in the fun as we started building our hand held 3-element 2m "tape measure" yagi's.  In part one, everyone came together to start cutting the tape measure which will eventually become the reflectors, directors and driven elements, chopping up PVC pipe and distributing connectors.  We all had a great time community building and talking radio among other things.

We encourage members to show up at the next meeting as we have more kits ready to go.  We have enough for about 10 or so that originally said they were interested.  Please bring $31 to cover the cost of the kits.  The next build session will be at the April 14 club meeting.  

We would like to think Vice President John Miller (KB3QAT) for acquiring all the bits and pieces and leading the build.  All of this is in preparation for the ARTS Fox Hunt that we are planning on holding sometime later this summer/fall.  Please check back here for future information and more importantly, attend our in-person club meetings.  It is a good way to get involved and participate in ARTS.

Paul - N9PMI
ARTS Board Member

ARTS Antenna Build Part 1



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