Winterheat 2023

WINTERHEAT 2023 is underway for the entire month of January. 
Same frequencies and setup as 2022. If you registered last year, then just log in.

The defacto "calling" frequency appears to be 147.57 FM. 

WINTERHEAT 2022 has ended; it was a great event!  Plan to participate next year - January 2023!

Are you aware of the Winterheat 2022 Simplex event?  This runs the entire month of January.  Please see the website below for all the frequencies and to sign up for your logging account.  All logs are done on their site.  This is the second year I have participated.  Good fun event.

WINTERHEAT 2022 is a month long amateur radio simplex event.
The goal and purpose is for amateur radio operators to make as many contacts as possible over a month long period of time using only designated simplex frequencies..

Currently there are 676 participants registered for the event. To see where everyone is located check out the PARTICIPANT MAP.

This is the third year for this event. Last year participants made nearly 50,000 contacts. The event is open to all FCC licensed amateur radio operators.

All contacts shall be via voice but can be either analog or digital (fusion, D-STAR, DMR).

Please visit

Paul, N9PMI