Antenna Build and Fox Hunt Events

Hi everyone! We will be building portable hand-held 2-meter band yagi antennas at our March and April club meetings.  These will be used for a direction finding Fox Hunt in the spring when the weather turns warmer.  You may certainly use your antenna for other ham radio activities beyond fox hunting as well, like checking into repeater nets using your HT; using when hiking or camping; or possibly satellite work...  Click here to see more information and images from Part 1 of the antenna build project at our March club meeting.

There is no cost to participate in the Fox Hunt, but if you would like to build an antenna your cost is about $30 for the parts.  We will acquire the parts for those who would like to build an antenna.  These antennas are very portable and similar to the one shown in the image below.  It is constructed from PCV pipe and metal tape from a tape measure.  We plan to finish up building these antennas in our April meeting.  If you want to build one please attend the April meeting.

Check back here for updated information about the antenna project and fox hunt(s).  We will start building the antennas at our March club meeting.  In the mean time if you would like to read more about Fox Hunts and radio direction finding, check out these Articles at the ARRL website:  Click Here

Portable Yagi Antenna